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Securing computing system

CEH v8 Labs Module 02 Footprinting and Reconnaissance CEHv8 Module 03 Scanning Networks course CEH unlocked Cryptography Enumeration Introduction to CEH linux basic commands linux-security Scanning System hacking malware SYLLABUS

C Programming

introduction: input and output: variables&datatypes: math and operators: if: if else and nested if else: conditional operator: switch: while: do while: for loop: functions: parameters & arguments in function: return value : scope rules: arrays: 2d & 3d arrays: arrays as function arguments: pointers: array of pointers: pointer as function arguments: strings: pointers: unions: declaring … Continue reading C Programming


Installing python: Numbers: Strings: Slicing of strings: lists:Usage of ‘for’: Range and while: Comments and break: continue: Function return values: default values for arguments: variable scope: keyword arguments: flexible no of arguments: unpacking arguments: dictionary: modules: download image from web: read and write files: download files from web: classes and objects: constructor: class vs instance … Continue reading Python

Compiler Lab

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