Lecture1-1 introduction of finite automata

Lecture2-2Acceptability of string & Transition graph

Lecture3-3Equivalence of DFA and NDFA

Lecture4-4Mealy and Moore Machine

Lecture5-5Minimization of FA & Regular languages

Lecture6-6Regular expressions & their identities

Lecture7-7NDFA with null moves & regular expression

Lecture8-8Algebric methods using Arden’s Theorem


Lecture9-9Equivalence of FA and RE

Lecture9-9Equivalence of FA and RE-1

_Lecture10-10Pumping lemma for regular sets and its applications_

Lecure12-12Properties of Regular languages

Lecture13-13Grammars and languages generated by grammars

Lecture14-14Chomsky classification of languages

Lecture15-15Recursive and Recursively Enumerable sets

_Lecture16-16Chomsky Hierarchy

Lecture17-17Converting RE to RG & RG to RE

Lecture18-18Left & Right linear regular grammar

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