Python Video’s

Installing python:



slicing of strings:


usage of ‘for’:

Range and while:

comments and break:



return values:

default values for arguments:

variable scope:

keyword arguments:

flexible no of arguments:

unpacking arguments:



download image from web:

read and write files:

download files from web:

classes and objects:


class vs instance variables:


multiple inheritence:




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Operating System Video’s

introduction to OS:

process management:

process states & multiprogramming:

transition diagram &schedulers:

questions on process states:

parameters of process

cpu schedulingL:


convoy effect:

fcfs example

fcfs with overhead:


Analysis of SJF:

Round robin algorithm:

SJF with prediction of BT:

RR example 1:

RR example 2:

RR example 3:

RR example 4:

longest job first:

longest remaining time first:

longest remaining time first gate question:

highest esponse ratio next:

priority scheduling:

Non preemptive priority scheduling:

pre emptive priority scheduling:

pre emptive priority cpu & io time:


Srtf processes:

Multi level queue:

Srtf example:





Ece Video’s

1. Fundamentals of electricity.



4. Resistance and Ohm’s law

5.Electric Measurements and meters

6. Power

7.DC circuits

8. Magnetism


9. Inductance

10. Capacitance

11. Alternating current

12. AC measurements .

13. AC circuit – pure resistive , capacitive and inductive

14. Resonance Circuit

15. Transformers

16. Semiconductor fundamentals

17.PN junction diodes

18. Zener diodes

19. Bipolar Transistors

20. Field Effect Transistors (FETs)

21. Thyristors

22. Integrated Circuits

22. Integrated Circuits

23.Optoelectric Devices

24.Power Supplies

25. Amplifier basics

26. Amplifier applications

27. Oscillators

28. Waveshaping Circuits

29. Binary Number System

30. Basic Logic Gate

31. Simplifying logic circuits

Simplifying logic circuits

32. Sequential Logic circuits

33. Combinational Logic Circuits

34. Microcomputer basics

35. Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

36. Printed Circuit Board assembly and repair and soldering

Printed Circuit Board assembly and repair and soldering

Printed Circuit Board assembly and repair and soldering

37. Basic Troubleshooting

BioTechnology Video’s

1. Introduction to cell

2. Basic Concepts of cell

3.Structure of prokaryotic cells.

4.Structure of eukaryotic cells.

5. plant cells

6. Animal cells.

7.Structure and function of cell membrane.

8.Cell organelles and their function

9. Structure and use of compound microscope

10. Macro and micro molecules .

11.Basic Chemical constituents of living body.

12. Tissues in animal .

13.Tissues in plants

14. Morphology.

15. plant anatomy.

16. Concepts of botanical garden

17.Herbaria and its uses .

18. Five kingdom classification.

Five kingdom classification.

19. Binomial system of nomen clature.

20. Distribution of animal and plants.

21.Concepts of alleles and genes.

22. Mendel’s Experiments.

23. Cell cycle ( Mitosis and Meiosis)

Cell cycle ( Mitosis and Meiosis)

24 . Plant physiology.