BioTechnology Video’s

1. Introduction to cell

2. Basic Concepts of cell

3.Structure of prokaryotic cells.

4.Structure of eukaryotic cells.

5. plant cells

6. Animal cells.

7.Structure and function of cell membrane.

8.Cell organelles and their function

9. Structure and use of compound microscope

10. Macro and micro molecules .

11.Basic Chemical constituents of living body.

12. Tissues in animal .

13.Tissues in plants

14. Morphology.

15. plant anatomy.

16. Concepts of botanical garden

17.Herbaria and its uses .

18. Five kingdom classification.

Five kingdom classification.

19. Binomial system of nomen clature.

20. Distribution of animal and plants.

21.Concepts of alleles and genes.

22. Mendel’s Experiments.

23. Cell cycle ( Mitosis and Meiosis)

Cell cycle ( Mitosis and Meiosis)

24 . Plant physiology.